Thursday, August 29, 2013

Binary Clock

Download link:

To run this application you need to install Java Platform (JDK) 7u25:
Java Platform (Java Development Kit)   or
JDK 7u25 windows-i586

Binary clock application is a clock application, it's build in Java platform You not need to install Binary Clock , just unzip and run the "JAR" file. Its simple interface displays a real-time system clock using the binary system (1's and 0's). You can read the time by adding the numbers near the led light that are painted with blue color.
In the left side are four led lights that show hours, and in the right  side are six led lights that shows minutes.
If you have problems with Binary Clock please write an email at : .
Here are some examples which help you how to see binary clock.

Example: If the led lights in the left side are turned of, the hours = 12. 

Example:  If the led lights in the right side are turned of, the minutes = 00.

Example: If all led lights are turned of the clock is 12:00 or 00:00 at midnight.

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