Monday, September 2, 2013

How to open Facebook in Microsoft Excel

In this Tutorial we describe how to make a browser in Microsoft Excel without using Google Chrome, Mozila or Internet Explorer.

First we need to open Microsoft  Excel (I use Microsoft Excel 2010). If you don't have Developer menu, show in figure below

You need to click with right taste of mause in menu bar and to click Customize Quick Access Toolbar... 

Then you click Customize Ribbon and add tick on Developer and click OK

Now click Developer menu - Insert , show in figure below

After that choose Microsoft Web Browser and OK

and add it in Excel, then click Developer - Insert and add two buttons

Now change the name of buttons to "Back" and "Go"

Now we have to code the actions of Back and Go buttons.
But first we need to write the URL in Excel sheet :

To set Actions of buttons we need to view the code of two buttons like this : on the buttons Back and Go click with right taste of mause and click View Code, and it appears this window :

and we write the code to set Actions : Back to previous web page, and Go to the page that we write the URL:

And finaly we close the window show in previous figure and click (unclick) the Design Mode in Developer menu and its ready to use the FACEBOOK :

Link to download Microsoft Excel File is:

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